Lost or Found a Pet?


Report the loss immediately to The Humane Society: 485-0123 / Animal Control: 463-4427

Post on Facebook about your lost pet. Include a picture and description.

Call the KWINE Pet Watch, at 462-1451

to have your lost pet’s description announced on the radio, free of charge.

Call KUKI Lost and Found

KUKI 707-463-5868 They do a free lost /found on air as well!

Call your local newspaper / Post Fliers

to have your lost pet’s description placed in the Lost and Found section.  POST FLIERS  around your neighborhood, on bulletin boards and wherever you can place them. Animals often are found many miles from home. 

Be sure to alert all neighbors

and provide them with a photo or description of your pet.

Call all of the veterinary hospitals

in your area; if your animal was injured it is very likely that a Good Samaritan will take him or her to a veterinary hospital.